Accreditation Council for Surgical Quality | Research


R esearch endeavors help in establishing key components to ACSQ standards of excellence program detailed in optimized outcomes based measures. Research in process based initiatives combined with alteractions in safety applications in clinical practice are hallmarks to ACSQ current research initiatives.

The establishment of quality based inititives in standards of excellence require research based data outlining benefits in clinical practice. Such measures are designed to improve clinical outcomes and form the basis of ACSQ program requirements. Establishment of novel devices and occupational hazards have become the focus of ACSQ in radiation safety and improving occupational hazards.

Evaluation of outcomes in centers of excellence sites compared no non ACSQ practices in areas of endocascular surgery, venous and cardiac surgery are anticipated. Understanding surgical site infections and use of perioperative techniques to improve outcomes and reduce adverse events with new technologies are of continued interests at ACSQ.

Ccontinued understanding and evaluation of methods to improve outcomes and reduce costs are constant area of interest. Research initiatives are welcomed by members willing to pursue articles for practice based initiatives.

Please submit articles to and include curriculum vitae for peer review