Accreditation Council for Surgical Quality | Program Certification

Program Certification

P rogram certification provides the most rigorous and peer reviewed independent model of accreditation. Certification establishes a class of excellence beyond standards of good practice and premised on standards of excellence.

ACSQ Venous Surgery program is available for institutions and independent stand alone facilities with vascular surgeons and other allied healthcare professionals providing venous based procedures.

Applicants obtaining ACSQ accreditation receive the highest seal of excellence. Accreditation provides for global recognition of a commitment to excellence with established practice based initiatives that improve outcomes. Accreditation provides rights to the use of all seal and informational manuals and publications on practice based prints.

ACSQ Accreditation brings a wealth of benefits which are highlighted as follows:

• Strengthens community confidence in the quality and safety of care, treatment and services
• Provides a competitive edge in the marketplace
• Improves risk management and risk reduction
• Provides education on good practices to improve business operations
• Provides professional advice and counsel, enhancing staff education
• Enhances staff recruitment and development
• Recognized by insurers and various third parties

ACSQ Center of Excellence programs are the primary accreditation sought by hospitals, clinics, physicians and patients as a definitive source for obtaining markers of achievement and improving overall patient care, referrals, data exchange, and collaborative clinical research quality outcomes measures. Such objectives underscore the need to have a healthy, successful body whose focus is solely on the improvement of healthcare and outcomes in surgery.

Public recognition of accreditation provides for referral based initiatives and patient allocation that certifies trust and confidence. Furthermore, healthcare initiatives within legislative advocacy allows for participation in improving outcomes based practice initiatives that are hallmarked within ACSQ regulations.

Program certification in ACSQ provides patients with a recognizeable seal of approval that signifies their providers commitments and procedural policies that are geared for beneficial outcome based measures and safety.