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About ACSQ

W hat would it take to improve our surgical quality? Well defined parameters to improve our surgical outcomes have been studied and qualified through numerous peer-reviewed outcomes measures. The existence of such parameters earmark the importance of physicians, medical practices and hospitals to remain committed to our defined goals in improving our surgicial core measures.

Improving surgical outcomes encompasses the dogma of today's practicing surgeons and healthcare institutions. The collaboration of surgeons, industry and healthcare institutions to develop common goals with the intent to improve our surgical outcomes is the tenant of the Accreditation Council for Surgical Quality (ACSQ). With over 34 million surgical procedures undertaken within the United States yearly and far greater numbers worldwide, instituted standards to improve the quality of our surgical outcomes allows patients to obtain quality care benchmarks to standards of good practice and discern providers who practice beyond such standards as quality centers of excellence.

The Accreditation Council for Surgical Quality (ACSQ) is a independent, nonprofit organization governed by healthcare providers and industry stakeholders and is dedicated to the advancement of safety, efficacy and efficiency of surgical care worldwide. The ACSQ is the first of such organizations that provides the public with defined measures to establish quality of care afforded by a healthcare center based on research based initiatives to provide quality excellence within the delivery of healthcare. Such builds the philosophy to provide the necessary education and research based initiatives to improve the quality associated with key surgical procedures within well defined specialties.